Gaaaah, what a dickish response. And yes I read all the other threads and how you attempt to come out on top by having a “thicker skin” than the writer Kayt Molina or the other commenter Rachael Flanery (is “thicker skin” the new code for “just god damn rude”?) And how you’re just offering your “humble opinion” ell-oh-ell if that’s your humble opinion what’s your arrogant opinion?! Asking for a friend.

Have you ever participated in an actual constructive and public critique of your own work? I’m going to guess you haven’t because once you learn the rules of the road it’s hard to sit by and watch comments like this happen. Blatantly shitting on someone else’s work because you didn’t like it is not constructive. Sorry. That’s just you trying to make someone else feel like crap for your own satisfaction. Don’t flatter yourself that you really just have the best intentions of the internet/writing/women/moms at heart. Any writer who’s received responses like this, regardless of the platform, sees you.

If you didn’t find the piece to your liking and you’re so frustrated with the repetitive nature of pieces about motherhood, there are a few really simple fixes for that: 1) WRITE THE PIECE YOU WANT TO READ YOURSELF. No one is stopping you. You seem to have all the answers so have at it, 2) Find the writers and pieces you DO like and support them, share their pieces, read more of their work, and 3) When you inevitably read something you don’t like just move the fuck on. That writer and his or her work is not for you. Result: Your life of frustration as a reader is over.

And, no, this has nothing to do with writers being delicate flowers or Medium allowing only positive responses. But there is a vast difference between constructive criticism posed diplomatically (i.e. wanting to see your comments being taken in the spirit they were theoretically intended. When you insult not only does no one hear you, no one wants to hear you) and just being unnecessarily cutting—which you did throughout all the responses as well GAH.

Dang, I’m not sure I’ve ever written a response this long in my life and this isn’t even my piece. But come ON.

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AMATEUR HOUR (2018) and BUT YOU SEEMED SO HAPPY (2021) | The New York Times, The New Yorker, McSweeney’s, The Cut |

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