Lisa! You’re probably the first lady writer on Medium who I followed! Thank you so much for this kind mention. I’ve read Stephanie Wittels Wachs’ book and it’s incredible. And am halfway through Abby Norman’s book and it deserves all of the wonderful press it’s been getting. I’ve never felt prouder to be a part of this wonderful Medium club. But I have to say, I’m working on a piece now about why I’ve been so absent from / non-interactive with readers on Medium. And seeing this piece inspired me to finish. You’ve been pushing me and encouraging me from the start and I just can’t thank you enough.

And yes please, pitch your ass off! I eagerly await your book. x

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AMATEUR HOUR (2018) and BUT YOU SEEMED SO HAPPY (2021) | The New York Times, The New Yorker, McSweeney’s, The Cut |

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