Thank you for proving my point by Monday morning quarterbacking my parenting! High fives!

I actually didn’t dismiss his response, I just figured a transcript of a 10 minute conversation wouldn’t make for entertaining reading. After his moment of silent recognition, we went on to talk about the consequences of blaming someone for something when you are basing that blame on very few (or no) facts. It was clear to me that the trajectory of this discussion at school was kids overhearing their PARENTS’ reactions → taking those reactions as fact (who hasn’t done THAT when they were kids? I did!) → regurgitating it at school.

It was a good opportunity for us to discuss the fact that parents are blamed for a lot (mothers especially) and he shouldn’t add to that particular problem. It’s not a new problem to be sure! But any opportunity we can all take to talk to kids about not jumping on the blame-n-rage bandwagon is a good one.

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